July 1st, 2020

SYBARIP Wins 2020 ISSIP Distinguished Recognition Award

ISSIP, the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals, has named SYBARIP a recipient of its prestigious Distinguished Recognition Award for 2020 for developing its groundbreaking intellectual property management model.
SYBARIP joins industry titans IBM, Cisco Systems, and Mozilla in receiving this year’s ISSIP awards, underscoring the potential benefits organizations can derive from SYBARIP’s innovative IP management solution, designed to allow them to extract more value out of their intellectual property assets.
In its announcement, ISSIP wrote that “the Distinguished Recognitions are given to submissions that represent innovative and impactful service designs and implementations from which service innovators around the world can derive inspiration.”
SYBARIP co-founder and CEO Ophir Kretzer-Katzir said: “We are extremely honored to have been recognized by such a prestigious group as ISSIP. It is a testament to the hard work our team has put into the product, and reinforces the need for innovation in the IP management space. Today, organizations are having a very difficult time coping with the massive amounts of IP data out there. Our goal is to help organizations take advantage of this data to create value from their IP, and this award highlights just how much the service industry can benefit from our solution.”
The ISSIP Excellence in Service Innovation Award is conferred once each year on companies and organizations that have designed, developed, or deployed novel solutions that, in the judgment of the ISSIP Award Committee, are the most innovative of all of the submissions for that year in their category.

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